Change Management’s
Big Secret in One Sentence

Change Management is described as “…the people side of change.”

Whether you’re someone charged with delivering successful organizational change or someone going through change there’s a secret that’ll allow you to truly survive and thrive.

You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel

That’s not Change Management’s big secret however, when it comes to the organizing and executing your Change Management program or initiative you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. This is important enough that I wamt to share this with you before we get to the big secret.

Having served alongside corporate execs, senior leadership, management, team members/co-workers and consultants from all of the big consulting firms and independent consultants this is something that can be a challenge.

You should do what works and is the most efficient system or solution to get the outcomes desired.

Change Management’s Big Secret…in One Sentence

So here’s my one sentence, simplified version of a golden truth about successful Change Management:

People impacted by change will listen and respond to those they know, trust and respect and who encourage their dreams – Bayo AO

Because Change Management is about the people side of change you need to understand that people impacted by change evaluate their decision-making from an emotional perspective.

Here are my 5 Key Tenets about the One Sentence Golden Truth about Change Management.

The “People Side of Change” – 5 Key Powerful Psychological Truths

To increase the chances of success with Change Management i.e. the people side of change…

  1. Respond to those who they feel encourage their dreams.
  2. Respond to those who justify any past failures they may have experienced with regards to previous failed attempts at change.
  3. Respond to those who allay their fears about the upcoming or current change no matter how “irrational” or unfounded those fears may appear to be on the surface.
  4. Respond to those who can attribute any past failures they’ve experienced to circumstances (or people) outside of them i.e. the target of change.
  5. Respond to those who provide them with tools and resources that make them feel supported as they experience the change personally.

Did you notice one important thing in those 5 Change Management tenets that’s interesting?

One thing to note about these 5 tenets of Just Enough Change Management: Change Management SIMPLIFIED is that there’s nothing in those rules that talks about the “organization” or the “Change Manager/Leader.”

Just Enough Change Management: Change Management SIMPLIFIED is built around these 5 key tenets. All Organizational Change Management solutions we design and deliver for our Fortune 500 clients is built around these truths because after all … it’s about people at the end of the day!

What Next?

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