Change is normally described as being tough, challenging and messy for organizations and for individuals. I created Just Enough Change Management to help organizations and individuals achieve desired change and transformation that lasts…without it being tough, challenging or messy!

I’m involved in Change Management and Transformation because I care about people.

The Change Myth

Just think about times when you’ve tried to make change happen in your life either for professional or personal reasons.

Even when change and transformation appears to have been successful in reality it’s failed to “stick.” Probably the most common reason given is that people don’t like to change.

Being blessed to work with numerous global and industry-leading organizations as a Fortune 500 Business Coach and Consultant on Change Management and transformation initiatives and working with highly introverted solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners in this same area of development and growth I can tell you that it’s not entirely true.

That people simply don’t like to change is simply not true. It’s a reason given when the shift hits the fan, the efforts are all over the place and the results aren’t what was expected…again!

It Works

Change and transformation works when you work it. One secret is to shift focus away from the steps and to the outcomes.

Working it means things are approached in a way that’s fit-for-desired-outcomes.It’s not about celebrating steps that are taken but about celebrating the outcomes. Many organizations and people focus on the steps at the expense of the outcomes.

Just Enough Change Management is my contribution to making change and transformation easier to understand and even easier to implement.

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